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Our people

Miss Jelly Wang | Sales Manager
As the Sales manager in Wah Luen Shing, although Jelly is young, she is experienced and professional both in sales and electronic components.She leads the sales team to devote not only to sell goods but also sell services, she thinks that good services is a very important factor to a qualified sales.

Mr.Andy Chen | Purchase Manager
In his remarkable long years career at Wah Luen Shing, Andy has grown with the company and has been present for the many business achievements. Through his journey, loyalty and commitment as Purchase Manager, Andy has developed expertise in relationship building with in market independent , regional and national distributors. He performs strategic procurement activities across multiple categories, search for better deals and find more profitable suppliers for our customers.

Mr.Steven Li | QC Manager
Steven is experienced in implementing and developing inspection team to address and improve the quality issues. He knows that the best produced work comes from a collective passion and effective communication. He in charge of coordinating quality control departments and making sure product defects are detected before delivery.