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What we do
What we do

                                      The Intelligent Distribution Mode

The market is changing ,the management of the supply chain is challenging. As a member of independent distribution, Wah Luen Shing’s intelligent distribution model can adapt to the changing needs through its huge supplier network. WLS, no matter how the market and distribution channels change, is keeping improving itself, so as to help customers master the latest market situation, to provide customers with professional knowledge, to provide flexible solutions and proactive services, and also to make your supply chain simpler, faster and more efficient. WLS’s Intelligent Distribution is both intelligent and efficient.

                                    • Market Information     • Product     • Professional Knowledge     • Quality Control

The business focus of Wah Luen Shing is on quality, efficiency and speed. Wah Luen Shing will always maintain the integrity of the supply chain, will carefully select suppliers, and will strictly control the quality and the industry certification. The professional procurement team and business elite are equipped in Wah Luen Shing to provide customers with efficient service when solving problems; the Global Transportation and Logistics Center will provide our customers with the resources they need. The departments in Wah Luen Shing will work closely, to provide full support to large or even small projects all over the world. While, we will also continuously go out, establish a close relationship with customers, and provide them with safer and more efficient services.

                                                   Market Information
Electronic business has been characterized as a fast pace. Wah Luen Shing can quickly grasp the industry information, understand the channels and customers and cooperate closely with customers, so that the demands of customers can be understood. Also, with the integration of professional channel information, customers are ensured to purchase at the right time with the right price, thus the safety of the supply chain are safeguarded, the costs are effectively controlled.

Wah Luen Shing, as an independent distributor, is flexible in operation and can purchase the components you need from anywhere all over the world at the most favorable price. We have also extended our offices to all regions, so we will continuously and have the right to offer you with necessary help, we will also have relevant personnel who will make business decisions communicate with you. Our company has global supply chain partners and several years of trade experience, which are mainly focused on the integration of supply chain. The following services have won the trust from electronic buyers all over the world:

• Cost reduction
• Supply of materials that are discontinued
• Supply of materials that are in shortage
• Management on life cycle

                                                     Service Industry
The purchaser of Wah Luen Shing will provide equipment support of various kinds for customers, and provide component support from Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) and Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) to Original Designing Manufactures (ODM).

• Consumer products
• Automotive electronics
• Medical services
• Industrial equipment
• Communication
• Aerospace or Military Industry