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Recycling electronic components
Recycling electronic components
Wah Luen Shing provides a variety of inventory business solutions to meet the needs of our customers.  This allows us to work with customers to provide the best return on investment for their excess inventory. 

Every electronics maker will at some point face an overstock problem.  Excessive electronic inventory can be caused by a variety of situations, and in most cases, component manufacturers do not accept returns.  You can try selling the inventory yourself, or outsource the problem to a professional.

Don't let that excess old inventory accumulate and turn it into cash!

Wah Luen Shing will work with you to make the process simple and clear.

How it works:

Send us a list of your redundant active and passive components, including part number, manufacturer, quantity, date code or as much detail as you have, one of our account managers will evaluate you List the value and status to determine our offer.

If you need to clear the entire warehouse, we can set a big price

In some cases, we will go to your warehouse to personally evaluate your excess inventory and assist you in sales

 As an independent inventory management company, Wah Luen Shing has the skills and capabilities to provide fast and discreet tailor-made solutions to enable you to return to your core business.

With the emergence of new technologies, supply chain management is more important than ever.  As inventory ages, its value decreases, so working with reliable "excess" partners will help regain the maximum return on inventory.

OEM remaining stock can send your inquiry immediately

My heart is for you, and the excess inventory is for me!